The Guide to Planning a Move: GETTING STARTED

Everyone sees moving as a hassle, but with the right mindset and planning, you can let go of the stress and start enjoying the future. Moving to a retirement community means simplifying your life, and simple means less “stuff.” Follow these tips for effective and stress-free downsizing.

  1. Set Realistic Goals.

Don’t try to go through your entire house in a day. No one has that kind of energy or the focus. Setting a goal of two or three hours on one project or space will be much more efficient, and you’ll feel motivated to do more the next day instead of being burned out.

  1. Complete Each Task.

You don’t want to burn out, but you also don’t want to leave things for the next day that won’t actually get done until much later. As you’re downsizing you will probably find things you want to donate or give to family members — do it now. Don’t leave it for later. Take bags and boxes to be recycled, and put items for family and friends in your car and make arrangements for dropping them off. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

  1. Make a “Love” List.

Getting rid of any possessions can be hard for some. Start out by writing a list of things you love and absolutely can’t part with. If you come across something later that didn’t make the list, it may be a sign that it’s not as important to you. This will help when deciding what stays and what goes.