Live a Life in Motion at The Village

When you look at a photo of The Village, you may notice our beautifully decorated interior, smiling residents and scenic views — but outside the frame is the motion and activity of life at The Village.

It begins in the morning when many residents rise and shine to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends over a delicious breakfast. Everyone enjoys the balance and variety of things to do, whether going out to the nearby shops or heading to the wellness center for an exercise class. Residents can also take part in trips, workshops and more that are planned by staff and residents alike. Recently, residents took an excursion to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach.

Staying active is a natural part of everyday life at The Village. In Franklin and near The Village are ponds and rivers for fishing, swimming, kayaking and tubing.

Our fitness coaches provide exercises that are tailored to preferred activity levels. For a fun and social way to stay active, residents can take an exercise class and try something new, like yoga! Our comprehensive program extends all the way to the kitchen where delicious, heart-healthy meals are served daily.

To learn more about wellness at The Village, give us a call at ​757-273-7969.