Introducing the Village Superheroes

More than a month into the crisis from the coronavirus, everyone at The Village at Woods Edge is trucking along, trying to keep our spirits buoyed and make the best of a tough situation. While we have closed our campus to outside visitors for the safety of our residents, our team members have been hard at work to keep the community safe as well as finding ways to engage our residents.

“I’m so proud of everyone here, residents and team members alike,” said Billie Turner, Executive Director. “At The Village at Woods Edge, and in the city of Franklin, we pride ourselves on being a friendly, small-town community. You’ve really seen that spirit of neighbors helping neighbors over the past several weeks. It’s been challenging, but everyone has gone above and beyond to pitch in. I particularly want to thank our staff for all they’ve done for our residents.”

Keeping the Campus Secure and Clean

“Our biggest precaution has been to close the campus to outside visitors,” explained Elizabeth Drewry, Vice President of Security and Administrative Assistant. When the crisis first hit, the Village recognized the threat the coronavirus posed to seniors and made a plan to secure the campus to limit any potential exposure to the virus, in line with CDC and Virginia Department of Health guidelines. Elizabeth and her team worked on ensuring social-distance measures were implemented throughout campus.

Thomas Brown, Environmental Services Director, has always been a superhero at The Village, but with recent events, he has truly soared. He and his maintenance team have a daily cleaning regimen, and they work hard to accomplish it all while keeping residents out of harm’s way. Thomas is continually restructuring routines to certify apartments, residential spaces and employee areas are as clean as possible.

Dining Delivery at a Distance
Because social distancing is a key effort to avoid the virus, The Village is offering additional support services for our residents, including meal delivery, grocery delivery, pharmacy pickup and personal shopping.

In all of this, Betty Johnson, Dining Services Director, has been a shining star in adapting to new safety guidelines. Betty delivers meals, groceries, paper products and more to residents throughout the community. It is her great pleasure to create exciting meals and be able to adapt dining services to keep residents happy during this time of physical distancing.

Resident Activities and Communication

While physical distancing is encouraged, everyone at The Village knows how important it is for residents and their families to stay connected and active. Resident Services Director Terry Bell has come up with many creative opportunities for residents to connect and stay active. From concerts on the lawn to social-distancing Bingo to The Village ice cream trolley, Terry plays a key role in keeping spirits up and stress levels down.

“Communicating with family members is also very important in these times,” said Lisa Turner, Administrator of Assisted Living. From assisting residents to educating employees on preventive measures, Lisa stands out as a star team member, and she has done much to make sure families stay in the know on how their loved ones spend their days.

On behalf of everyone in The Village community, we want to say a big thank you to all of our Village Superheroes!

Covid-19 Update

Information and recommendations in reference to coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19) continue to develop. At The Village, we continue to stay informed and adjust services as recommended by trusted health officials.

In a time that seems ever-evolving and provides uncertainty, we want you to know, with certainty, we are dedicated to serving our residents.

It is with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) along with other trusted health officials that we made the difficult decision to suspend visitors at this time. The CDC recommends social distancing as the best preventative measure, and we are supporting this practice for the safety and well-being of Village residents, employees and our community at large.

We recognize that connectivity and remaining active – mind, body and soul – are equally important aspects to the well-being of our residents. Please read below how we are adjusting services to adhere to preventative measures along with steps you can take to remain active and connected while physically distancing.


Social Distancing Support Services

Social Distancing is encouraged in an effort to avoid coming into contact with coronavirus-2019. In doing so, we are offering additional support service to Village residents to include:

  • Meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) delivery services
  • Pharmacy pick up and delivery services
  • Grocery delivery services
  • Dry cleaning pick up and delivery services
  • Personal shopping and delivery services

How to Stay Connected while Physically Distancing

While physically distancing yourself is encouraged, we are also encouraging Village residents to focus on their mental and emotional well-being. Here are some suggestions of what to do to stay connected while distancing yourself physically.

  • MIND: Stay active with puzzles, mind games, music, and more. Village residents are receiving delivery packets of reading materials and other entertainment resources.
  • BODY: Take a walk outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Village residents are encouraged to enjoy the walking paths throughout our community. The Village has partnered with the James L. Camp YMCA to provide reduced membership rates. During this time, the YMCA is offering virtual wellness classes.
  • SOUL: Prayer, Meditation and Emotional Connections are valuable to your overall well-being, particularly in stressful times. At The Village, we are encouraging and assisting to call, text or videochat family and friends. And while churches are practicing social distancing, we are encouraging residents attend services virtually or listen to local church programs aired on our local radio station.

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Sparking Joy By Simply Living

We invite you to take a chance on the life-changing magic of downsizing. Please join us for lunch from the Back Porch & Grille as Katie Hamann, senior move expert, speaks about the process of downsizing and the joy that rightsizing brings.

Seating is limited! RSVP today for yourself and a guest at or by calling 757-528-8286

Attend & SAVE! Earn $3,500 towards moving services! Tours will be available after lunch.

Alzheimer’s Fundraiser – Neighborhood Block Party 2018

With fundraising goals set high and party plans in the works, Village residents, staff, and the community at large, have marked their calendars for the fourth annual Neighborhood Block Party!

In 2014, The Village celebrated the first anniversary of Asa’s Neighborhood, Memory Care at The Village, by hosting a fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association lovingly named, Neighborhood Block Party. The idea to host a small celebration quickly blossomed into a community wide event with nearly 200 people in attendance. Neighborhood Block Party was a huge success — the outdoor BBQ and concert has become a highly anticipated annual fundraiser!

With the community’s support of Neighborhood Block Party, The Village has contributed over $40,000 to the Alzheimer’s Association. We couldn’t have done it without our neighbors, Village residents, and local businesses. We can’t wait to see you again this year!

Resident Profile: Tony and Frances Parson

About two years ago, Tony and Frances Parson moved to The Village from North Carolina. Throughout their years together, the couple have found home in many places across the United States including at The Village in Franklin, Virginia.

Since the move, they’ve been enjoying their two bedroom Cottage and the benefits of living at The Village. “There’s plenty of space. Our family visits regularly, and we all sit down together at the dining table,” said Frances. Another favorite aspect is the attentiveness from The Village’s maintenance team. “Last winter, we experienced a snowstorm. The morning after the snow fell,” Tony said, “the driveways, walkways and roads were all cleared.”
Maintenance-free living isn’t the only benefit that drew the Parson’s to The Village. In the past few years, Tony and Frances dealt with the death of their parents and their remaining estates. They decided the stress of sorting through all of the possessions was not something they wanted to put their own children through.

The Parsons were overwhelmed at the thought of beginning to downsize, but in the end it was worth it — and much easier than they thought it would be. “A lot of the things we were holding on to were things we didn’t need. We hadn’t used them in five years. Our kids didn’t want them. That made it easy,” said Tony.

He expressed that downsizing is a good thing for everyone to do: “It doesn’t matter whether you’re 55, 65, 75, the problem is the same.” Tony believes that senior living is a good choice for everyone. “We’re able to spend quality time with each other, our family and friends – now that we no longer have the headache of home maintenance. It’s just an easier way to live.”
The Parsons extend their gratitude to the welcoming Franklin community. “It’s without a doubt the friendliest and most open place we’ve ever lived, and we’ve been all over.”

Learn more about the stress-free, independent lifestyle of The Village.

The Guide to Planning a Move: GETTING STARTED

Everyone sees moving as a hassle, but with the right mindset and planning, you can let go of the stress and start enjoying the future. Moving to a retirement community means simplifying your life, and simple means less “stuff.” Follow these tips for effective and stress-free downsizing.

  1. Set Realistic Goals.

Don’t try to go through your entire house in a day. No one has that kind of energy or the focus. Setting a goal of two or three hours on one project or space will be much more efficient, and you’ll feel motivated to do more the next day instead of being burned out.

  1. Complete Each Task.

You don’t want to burn out, but you also don’t want to leave things for the next day that won’t actually get done until much later. As you’re downsizing you will probably find things you want to donate or give to family members — do it now. Don’t leave it for later. Take bags and boxes to be recycled, and put items for family and friends in your car and make arrangements for dropping them off. Don’t let your hard work go to waste!

  1. Make a “Love” List.

Getting rid of any possessions can be hard for some. Start out by writing a list of things you love and absolutely can’t part with. If you come across something later that didn’t make the list, it may be a sign that it’s not as important to you. This will help when deciding what stays and what goes.

Live a Life in Motion at The Village

When you look at a photo of The Village, you may notice our beautifully decorated interior, smiling residents and scenic views — but outside the frame is the motion and activity of life at The Village.

It begins in the morning when many residents rise and shine to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends over a delicious breakfast. Everyone enjoys the balance and variety of things to do, whether going out to the nearby shops or heading to the wellness center for an exercise class. Residents can also take part in trips, workshops and more that are planned by staff and residents alike. Recently, residents took an excursion to the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center in Virginia Beach.

Staying active is a natural part of everyday life at The Village. In Franklin and near The Village are ponds and rivers for fishing, swimming, kayaking and tubing.

Our fitness coaches provide exercises that are tailored to preferred activity levels. For a fun and social way to stay active, residents can take an exercise class and try something new, like yoga! Our comprehensive program extends all the way to the kitchen where delicious, heart-healthy meals are served daily.

To learn more about wellness at The Village, give us a call at ​757-273-7969.

Our RISE Series Lets Your Wellness Shine.

The Village’s new year-long event, RISE, focuses on a fresh-food, fresh-air and fresh-start approach to wellness. This series was inspired by the lifestyle residents already enjoy at our community but provides a focused approach to reaching the full potential of every day. Wellness is more than just health and fitness. It’s exploring passions, enjoying nature and discovering the spirit we all share.

Our upcoming RISE events will focus on the seven dimensions of wellness: passion, emotion, mind, body, spirit, nature and connection. Join us for this series to discover your full wellness potential.

March 28 – RISE Above the Clutter Gain a fresh perspective on decluttering and organizing your home.

April 13 – RISE to Your Potential Hear from Mark Richard, an award-winning author and former Franklin resident, on how he pursued his passion to achieve his dream.

Our Dining Expert: Betty Johnson

In recent years, The Village at Woods Edge has become the main culinary hub of Franklin, Virginia. With many spaces for socializing, multiple dining rooms, and even two kitchens — residents and guests have come to know and love us as the area’s most popular spot for entertaining.

What they may not know are the people who are behind so many fun events and delicious meals — Betty Johnson, Director of Dining Services and her Dining Services team. Betty works closely with a team of dining service staff members to oversee multiple events per day, whether it’s a luncheon, presentation, or even a wedding. Delicious food prepared by Betty and her team graces the plates of guests, and if you’re lucky, you can enjoy one of her famous cakes, from a tasty birthday slice to a decadent three-tiered vision.

Betty and her team are driven by the same goal, to create the best experience possible for their guests. Come see (and taste!) The Village for yourself by hosting your next event in our beautiful community.

Learn more!

Success at our Second Annual Fundraiser!

This year’s Neighborhood Block Party was a roaring success! With the unpredictable weather, the outdoor BBQ was adjusted to be an indoor affair at The Village’s Back Porch & Grille — but that didn’t slow down the fun! We had an unprecedented attendance with 180 ticket sales, and several local businesses supporting the benefit as well including: Bronco Federal Credit Union, Manry Rawls Insurance, Justin’s Landscaping, International Paper, and Jones Pharmacy. Guests enjoyed delicious food and fun for a great cause and danced the night away to live music from “The One Way.”

We had some exciting raffles and bidding wars where some guests walked away with items handmade by Village residents. At the end of the night we presented a check of $15,196 to the Alzheimer’s Association, which far exceeded our 2016 fundraising goals! We couldn’t have done it without our neighbors, Village residents, and local businesses. Thanks for your support and we hope to see everyone back next year!